Season 2 Episode 9 – HealthCare is Hostile (part 2), is live now!

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Welcome to HR 2.0

Find out about what we have been doing to figure out why Healthcare has not been able to be fixed.


Everyone should have a mission and we think you should know ours. This way you get no surprises and know what your involved in.


Here are what we feel are our principals, goals and objectives. We ask you to hold us to them.

What People Say

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Clearly, America is caught at a crossroads. We are now trapped between two ideological positions. Neither can find ground for compromise because as a nation the art of tolerance has been lost. Nowhere is this seen more than in the current debate over healthcare reform. This is why we often say, “The only thing that we, as Americans, tolerate today is intolerance!”

What is offered on this website are the identification of the fundamental problems and a set of proposals that encapsulate pragmatic solutions. Proposals that are consistent with the goals, objectives and principles that we have identified as key to acceptance of any resolution.