HealthCare Reform 2.0 – Introduction

The ACA – ObamaCare is failing, and will surely fail, but not for the populist reasons being discussed so readily today!

We don’t have a healthcare system!

When it comes to America’s, so called, Healthcare System, one of the biggest reasons that most of the attempts to “fix” our healthcare system have consistently yielded more unintended consequences than benefits is that we are treating the symptoms of our disease not the disease itself. We have a number of misconceptions about our healthcare system and the first is that we believe that it is a system.  It’s not!  It never has been.  What we think of as our healthcare system is nothing more than a disjointed, tangled collection of practices, methods, procedures, policies, laws and guidelines that have developed over the past 200 years.  Most of this mess was promulgated to preserve the business of individual practitioners – doctors, physicians, pharmacists, hospitals, pharmaceutical manufacturers, insurers, nurses, therapists, program sponsors, etc. With rare exception, many of this collection of things were not focused on the needs of the patient.

We believe that healthcare has been part of the free market, and some believe that the free market system has failed healthcare. Yet, healthcare has never been in the free market. Almost since the inception of America, healthcare has been carved out and in many ways protected from any negative effects felt on the businesses and practices in healthcare.  No, healthcare is not a system; it is just a non-integrated set of protections granted to the various providers throughout our history.

A plague of myths!

We have many beliefs about healthcare, and its underlying core of modern medicine, that have caused us to establish a set of unrealistic and unobtainable expectations when it comes to the care we receive.

We speak in myths, of single payer systems, and specific cures for diseases. We routinely confuse popular beliefs or historical methods with actual scientifically backed best practice. We misunderstand the true extent of medicines capabilities. We conflate our needs with our wants and ascribe equal weight and priority to both. We have so disconnected ourselves as consumers of care that we do not truly understand the real effect of the care we receive.

We believe we have cost effective, efficient and appropriate roles and responsibilities for the various providers in the healthcare continuum – we don’t!

We believe that technology has played a key role in the cost efficient delivery of care we need – for the most part it hasn’t.

We have a flawed understanding of the actual cost of the healthcare we receive due to a false healthcare economic structure. We have constructed a measurement, funding and

delivery system that is now self-propagating, self-predatory and inaccurate in the extreme.  This has led us to believe that our healthcare system is much worse than everyone on the planet; and because we are the greatest, most prosperous nation on the planet, we can somehow afford to receive all of what we want free – It’s not, we aren’t and we can’t.

We believe Employer Sponsored Insurance (ESI) has lowered costs and been a good thing – it hasn’t!

We believe co-pays and deductibles are both the necessary effect of rising costs and somehow have helped lower our cost of care, as seen in the premiums we pay; and also have been a vehicle for us to become more responsible in our utilization of services – they aren’t and they haven’t!

We believe that the current system can lower care costs and reduce our incidence of financial collapse by transference of these costs to the government, or someone else – they won’t!

We believe that most of the money we spend on care goes to effective treatment – it doesn’t!

We believe that the affordability of government’s payments for services through Medicare and Medicaid is somehow fixable and can be sustainable – it’s not!

We believe that the programs we have demanded our government put in place to help the poor and middle class have actually helped the poor and middle class – they haven’t!

We believe that we cannot fix the effect of litigation on the rising cost of healthcare without penalizing the patients that are truly harmed – we can!

We have such fundamental flaws in our care system that the simple process of seeking care is now statistically one of the most dangerous activities we can do in our lives. Some of the biggest reasons our prior attempts to “fix” healthcare have failed, actually lie in these myths and misunderstandings.

In order for us to finally create an accessible, accountable, efficient and effective healthcare system, including a safety net for all, we have to first identify, and get agreement on, these Myths and Misunderstandings and other fundamental problems.

We have a solution! We believe we can fix the healthcare, and we believe once we identify the fundamental problems the process of repair gets much simpler. Over the next four papers we will outline our fundamental problems and their solutions.

Click this link if you wish to read the whitepaper now – HealthCare Reform 2.0: Beyond the Partisan Divide White Paper

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