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HealthyBytes – Quick Points for Fast Learners

HealthyBytes episodes start HB followed by a 3 digit number such as HB001. They are short 5 minute topical issues drawn from the news or listeners questions where we discuss the whos, whats, wheres, whens ,whys and the hows of our healthcare system and tie it to what we can do to get the healthcare system we want.

Each Episode will give a topical short overview for what is going wrong and why we seemingly can’t get it fixed. We will also point you to current HealthReform 2.0 content that will give you more information. Tom and Tim believe for us to get a better system, all of us need to understand where we are, how we got here and what we can do to get the system we want.

HealthReform 2.0 – For the Curious Mind Wanting Better Healthcare!

HealthReform 2.0 is the only series for people with a curious mind and a desire for a better HealthCare system. These shows start with HR and the episode number, For example HR001.

In this series Tom Loker and Tim Henning will discuss our HealthCare quagmire and take you on a journey of how we got to the mess we have today. They will tell you some of the historical issues and decisions that frame our current disfunction, provide some context as to why it can’t be fixed by governmental intervention, dispel some significant myths that we all share preventing proper change, and provide an outline of what WE can do to gain the healthcare system WE want.