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AVICUS enables improved communication, better patient management, better outcomes, and a


Compelling Value for Patients

Avicus Global LLC is the first comprehensive Digital Health Ecosystem Platform to address the critically challenged and forgotten cornerstone of healthcare, small practice primary care physicians (PCPs) and their patients. PCPs are the “new guard” in the healthcare system that is evolving toward care management by PCP-led clinical teams. According to Merritt Hawkins’ 2016 Survey of America’s Physicians, there are over 200,000 PCPs and small practices are home to about 60% of PCPs, yet suffer the greatest financial and operational pressures. A majority plan some form of membership medicine as a countermeasure. 

Revenue Generation for Physicians

Avicus provides a unique “patient membership program designed for small medical practices. Implementing this program is simple and cost-effective for the typical small practice providing the practice a means to enhance communication with patients, analyze patient population data, and increase gross revenue to the practice. These programs accessed through Avicus provides patients ultimate convenience and a single highly secure, HIPAA-compliant single point of access to work with their PCP and the PCP’s staff, in a “virtual exam room” mobile environment resulting in an enhanced quality of preventative care, and in many cases, significant healthcare savings. In addition, beginning in mid-2018 Avicus shall begin to offer 3rd party integrated remotely connected health devices (e.g. stethoscopes, thermometers, ECGs, medication adherence systems, etc.) and a health savings marketplace.

Restoring the Physician – Patient Relationship

Avicus is a provider of products and services to enhance the relationship between a Primary Care Physician and their patients. Avicus has designed its offering to enable expansion and growth of products and services for both PCPs and their patients.

Avicus complements existing technology solutions such as practice management systems and electronic health records and provides data integration with those systems.

Avicus will work with the PCP practice to evaluate its patient population, identify patients most likely to benefit from membership medicine, and support marketing of membership services to those patients.

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