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If you want to learn more about us, you’re in the right place. Read to learn how we managed to grow our business so fast.find a way to fix our healthcare system

Welcome to HR 2.0

Find out about what we have been doing to figure out why Healthcare has not been able to be fixed.


Everyone should have a mission and we think you should know ours. This way you get no surprises and know what your involved in.


Meet Tim Henning and Tom Loker. You will find they are pretty nice guys and have some great experience and perspective on healthcare .


Here are what we feel are our principals, goals and objectives. We ask you to hold us to them.


Tim and Tom believe there are solutions. The fixes will require quite a bit of work, much debate, and a healthy dose of tolerance. In the end, we can find compromise that will yield a much simpler, stronger, efficient and appropriate healthcare system for Americans to get the care they need in crisis and, the care they want by choice.  It is the assured concept of an effective safety-net for all, tightly integrated with American’s need for choice, that holds the key.

It is clear to us that if we want access to both the care we need and the care we want simply cannot exist without integration, as they become predatory and consuming of each other.  They must exist in a manner that systemically provides certain controls, checks and balances. Price certainty, transparency, portability and effectiveness need to be codified as requirements of any healthcare marketplace.

We believe that the solutions proposed within this site will fit neatly into a comprehensive approach that Americans will be able to embrace. We do not expect everyone to like every solution proposed in the system but, we do believe in the end these solutions as they are designed fit closely together to solve for a marketplace that will provide Americans with an affordable, cost effective, efficient, fair and appropriate market, and safety net, to get the healthcare they need while preserving the options for a choice based system to get the care they want. This is not to be seen as “The Solution,” but as a series of solutions that are interconnected. These ideas are not inviolate and will surely change. To achieve the goal that we seek, will require a Franklin style compromise, either from a renewed interest in bipartisan, bicameral solutions in Washington DC or from the real power-base of America — the American People.

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