Tom Loker

Tom is a business person and author with almost 40 years of experience in a variety of industries ranging from science & healthcare, to computers, technology and devices. His latest book is The History and Evolution of Healthcare in America: The untold back story of where we’ve been, where we are, and why healthcare needs more reform.  Amazon says of Tom’s book:

Tom is one of the few people who has not only read the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act in its entirety, he has read the companion legislation, and he has read almost all proposals and draft legislation from the myriad of committees that were joined into the final bill. Tom has extensive experience in healthcare benefits administration to under-served and difficult to manage populations has met with many members of congress on healthcare reform related issues and provided congressional briefings on effectively serving under-served populations, reducing cost through effective coordination of care and benefits, true patient centered transaction systems, and much more.

Tom served as Chief Operating Officer for seven years with a company that manages complex public-funded healthcare benefits for low-income and underserved populations. He is an active board member in both for-profit and not-for-profit companies. Tom has written numerous articles in the areas of healthcare, technology, politics and the economy, published by California Political Review, Lead-Zine, and others. He has been a quoted expert in numerous stories by NBC-universal, Workforce Management Magazine, Managed Care Advisor, Managed Care Magazine, Menlo Park Patch Newspaper, Physicians Money Digest, BioPharma Insight, and others as well as on radio and television including a recent appearance on Huff Post Live with Alyona Minkoviski – “What happens when antibiotics stop working?” speaking on the rise of super resistant microbes. When he is not writing, speaking or working in business, Tom is also an accomplished photographer.

Prior to The History and Evolution of Healthcare in America Tom as also published Delusional Ravings of a Lunatic Mind – a collection of essays about healthcare, the economy and politics, available at Amazon, Barnes and Nobles, and other bookstores and with his son Aleck, Calistoga Ranch: A Photo Collection – a photo essay of pictures from the Napa Valley area of California focused on Calistoga Ranch, available at Blurb. Com.


Tim Henning

Tim has over 35 years of experience in medical industry both in the Unites States and International markets.

Tim spent over 28 Years in the Medical Device Industry, in Diagnostic Imaging, Radiation Oncology, Women’s Health, Surgical Robotics and the Treatment of Vertebral Pathologies.

He was a Senior Executive and Quality Category Leader with the first medical device company to win the prestigious Malcolm Baldridge National Quality Award.

Tim then joined a Large Imaging, Radiation Oncology and Women’s Health Provider, providing services to Hospitals, Physicians and Patients across 23 States.

Tim has extensive background in medical imaging and radiation oncology both from sales and the provider side. He is a graduate of Parkland College with a degree in Electrical Engineering.

That People are Saying about History and Evolution of Healthcare in America

“From the beginning of civilization, health and health issues have played a major role in life, but the issues and care have evolved enormously from the time when the first settlers set foot in America to the present. In The History and Evolution of Healthcare in America, author Thomas W. Loker provides a historical perspective on the state of healthcare and offers fresh views on changes to Obamacare.

Insightful and thorough, The History and Evolution of Healthcare in America offers a look at

  • What healthcare was like at the birth of the nation
  • How the practice of providing healthcare has changed for both caregivers and receivers
  • Why the process has become so corrupt and expensive
  • What needs to happen to provide both choice and effective & efficient care for everyone
  • Where we need to most focus efforts to get the biggest change
  • What is now needed to get control over this out-of-control situation

Loker narrates a journey through the history of American healthcare—where we’ve been, how we arrived where we are today, and determine where we might need to go tomorrow. The history illustrates how parts of the problem have been solved in the past and helps us understand what might be necessary to solve our remaining problems in the future.”