Our Mission

Our Mission is to find a fix for our national healthcare market. Not just a fix for Republicans, nor simply a fix for Democrats — we seek a solution for all Americans.  We believe that buried in 200 years of changes and modifications to American healthcare and medicine, lie the fundamental problems that currently have plagued all attempts at repair.  By identifying these problems, understanding how they came to be, what they were originally solving for and how they negatively impact all the other system components today, we believe there is a solution.

We have evolved a belief that we have a system for the delivery of healthcare but, it’s not a system at all. It is a collection of self-predatory practices and methods that promulgate massive increases in costs, erosion of effective checks and balances and exponential unintended consequences. Only by actually developing a system that addresses our mythical beliefs, puts reasonable systemic checks and balances on our wants and desires and reallocates the delivery and cost of care, can we hope to achieve what we seek. A system to make affordable, effective, and available care for all integrated with an efficient and cost effective safety net and offering significant reductions in the cost of care to individuals, and to America, can be created.

We believe that we have discovered the underlying causes of our inability to develop the healthcare system that we need and we are committed to utilizing our perspective and knowledge to helping solve for its delivery. We have outlined what we believe are the core principals, goals and objectives necessary to deliver an effective healthcare marketplace.

Finally, we believe it is also our mission to bring these ideas forward devoid of the partisanship and empty rhetoric that has become so prevalent in the recent health reform debate.  As such, we are committed to your feedback and comments.  Only through your questions, comments and concerns can we identify pragmatic solutions. We hope you will contribute.