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The site is divided into five areas:Home, About, Summary Sheets, Articles and Whitepaper, as seen in the MENU above.


About provides background on the goal of this effort and the principal author.

Summary Sheets

Summary Sheets provide a high level review of the overall issues with our current healthcare system, the main fundamental problems and an overview of the proposed solutions in five simple one page sheets. These are meant for you to use to provide quick links to people to introduce the basic concepts we propose.


Articles provide a more in-depth discussion of the underlying issues, how they came to be part of our healthcare system and how they undermine, or are being amplified by, the current legislation and other proposed solutions.

White Papers

The current whitepaper is entitled, “HealthCare Reform 2.0: Beyond the Partisan Divide Lies Pragmatic Solutions!” It is in its initial draft stage and is receiving comments now. Once, the initial comments are received the document will be revised to incorporate suggested changes and additions.  Additional whitepapers will be developed to deal more in depth with specific issues and ideas for implementation.


1 Comment on Site Summary

  1. Frederick W. Barker MD FACS // September 12, 2014 at 3:21 am // Reply

    I want to continue investigating how I may be able to help you demonstrate a more cost effective model for delivering healthcare to rural Americans. Let’s keep the conversation alive.

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