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Whitepaper Drafts

HealthCare Reform – Beyond Partisan Divide Ver 1.2


This document represents an integrated approach to solving the issues we have in our current HealthCare marketplace. The paper is divided into two sections: Problems & Solutions.  The first section addresses the fundamental issues we still have from the historical healthcare system that have evolved over the past 200 years and that continue under the Affordable Care Act — as well as would continue under every piece of legislation that has been proposed from both sides since.


The paper was developed from the premise that before we can actually create a new healthcare system we need to recognize that the issues we are trying to solve are just symptoms of deeper, more fundamental problems in the non-integration of the prior mechanics of healthcare. The first section — Problems — identifies these fundamental problems, where they came from and how they impact healthcare today.


The second section — Solutions — addresses systemic fixes to solving the fundamental issues and provides a comprehensive view of how these solutions combine into an integrated and effective healthcare marketplace, with proper systemic checks and balances to assure full resource access, a national safety net, full coordination of care and benefits across all available sources, cost effective & efficient care, preservation of choice, brings appropriate free market forces and maintains accountability and responsibility while overall reducing cost to both Americans individually and America as a nation.

If you would like to read the current draft of the Whitepaper click the following link.

HealthCare Reform – Beyond Partisan Divide Ver 1.2


2 Comments on WhitePaper Drafts

  1. Tom O'Connell // February 15, 2015 at 11:48 am // Reply

    Hi Tom, came in thru the twitter link. My simple solution Health Care solution in a complex world. Basic premise to build upon. State Based basic subsidized HMOs -doctors & staff on salary, statutory legal limitations. Interns trained through. Federal oversight to keep decent standards of care. Supplemental insurance for premium care. Some consulting by premium care doctors. A premium care system for those who care to pay the higher insurance premiums in private practice.

    Such plans will meet opposition from both sides as it is a compromise of both.

  2. Tom O'Connell // February 15, 2015 at 12:23 pm // Reply

    Hello, 2nd post, as an accountant would like to build an efficient & effective cost benefit framework that leads to improved health care for US citizens & residents. As stated, many complexities, such as immigration reform integration, minimizing corruption & fraud, providing health care for those in need & do it without jeopardizing the overall US & world economies.
    A very valuable tool is a fairly comprehensive, transparent & detailed accounting (spoken like a true accountant). By transparent, it may open up personal health treatments. To some extent it is necessary to reign in corruption. Waivers may be a valuable option for patients (freedom to disclose for study purposed).
    In this new Metadata era, we may be able to run 10+ year trend analysis, then do pro-forma analysis under new proposals. To expand it even further, show the health care analysis as a subsection of the overall Economy.
    Ultimate goal, the efficient management of the US Government like a well run Corporation. Eventually, that may be where we need to go.

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